Wix vs Squarespace

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Building a website

In this page I'll compare the two gigantic website building companies, Wix vs Squarespace and help you decide what will fit your plans the best.

I think you'll agree that the process of building a website is very hard and time consuming. not only that, if you're not a professional it'll probably cost you a lot of money to hire someone to build a custom website for you.

This is why website builders have come to life, to help beginners with creating their own website, without the need of hiring someone or spending too much time.

Wix plans:

Pricing stars from $4.5/month for a regular website and $17/month for Business & eCommerce. Some of the regular website features are free hosting and customized favicon, but when it comes to the eCommerce plans, you receive a free SSL certificate, Free domain for a year, and unlimited bandwidth and online payments integration.

Wix blog plans
wix ecommerce plans

Squarespace plans:

Pricing starts from $12/month, all plans come with free SSL certificate and a domain for a year. Not only that, all plans come with unlimited bandwidth & storage and premium SEO features.

The plans that start from $18/month have premium integrations, complete customization with CSS and Javascript, Advanced website analytics, the ability to sell unlimited products and to receive donations. furthermore, the most expensive plan has some great features, such as abandoned cart recovery, the ability to sell subscribtions, and more.

squarespace pricing

Wix page builder:

Wix is one of the most popular website builders at the moment, and it's mainly because the creative freedom they give. in Wix, you can drag and drop everywhere you want, you're not limited by pre-designed templates so you're only limited by your imagination. fun, right?

Squarespace page builder:

Squarespace is the opposite from Wix, in Squarespace you get pre-designed templates that you can edit, but you won't be able to drag and drop them everywhere you want, you're limited to the template's structure. which makes it best for beginners or even advanced that want a beautiful designed template to use.

Wix & Squarespace SEO and marketing tools:

Okay, if you've built a website in the past, you know the struggle of getting people to visit your website, and if you're a beginner in the field, you may not have the knowledge on how to advertise the site, whether its with SEO or paid marketing. So when a website builder offers you some tools, it is always a plus. 

Both Wix and Squarespace offer basic SEO and marketing tools such as title and meta descriptions that'll help you optimize your pages for the search engines. 

Which one do I prefer:

If you asked yourself the question: Wix vs Squarespace, I hope I helped you decide on which website builder to choose.

I prefer Squarespace. both are very good solutions for building a website, but it's all about personal preference, I prefer them because the ease of their page editor and the beautiful designs