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Bluehost Review

Bluehost is one of the biggest hosting companies out there at the moment. it was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and currently hosts well over 2 million domains. 

Bluehost has built a phenomenal reputaton over the years thanks to their great support, well performing hosting services and affordable plans. 

The most important things to consider when choosing an hosting company are their uptime and speed. And Bluehost covers them both. Their uptime is at a guarantee of 99.98% uptime, and the speed is incredible, even when using the cheapest plan available.

All of their plans come with a free SSL certificate and a 1-click WordPress install, which is great for customers that are new to the business and never made a site before. 

Here is their available shared hosting plans:

bluehost shared hosting plans

One of the things I like about them is their support. they offer 24/7 support by trained experts and even if you have questions and and don't feel like chating with a represenative, there is an amazing help center that includes written and video guides. 

WordPress is by far the biggest website builder platform and it recommends to use Bluehost. when WordPress tells you that Bluehost offers the ultimate WordPress platform, it means they are indeed great.

wordpress recommends bluehost

So far we have only talked about what's good about Bluehost, but just like every other hosting service, it has its cons. I have 2 cons in mind that are: Website transfer is not free and when pursuing with a purchase, after choosing a domain, you are redirected to "Create your account" page where they have a lot of addons that are automatically selected, and if you don't notice it, you can end up paying way more than expected. 

Overall, if taking everything into consideration, Bluehost is worth the money and you probably won't be dissapointed because their servers are amazing for their prices. 

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