How to Make Money Buying and Selling Domains | My Experience in 2020

How to Make Money Buying and Selling Domains in 2020

Buying and selling domains is an amazing side business that can generate a lot of money.

Making money online is the most desired thing among people everywhere in the world, especially in those times, where coronavirus exists and we can't leave our home.

On this post I'll be talking about a topic that doesn't get a lot of attention like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, etc. 

Buying and Selling Domains

A lot of new companies are being founded every week, needing a new domain for their business, and because it'll be the face of their company, and where their customers go, it needs to be the best they can have. which means, if a company is called "Slovan" They'll want to own

and if it's taken, they'll do everything in their power to acquire it from the owner, which can be you, the reader, if you start with domain buying and selling, it's not too late!

Where to buy a domain?

You can hand registered domains on Godaddy, Epik, NameCheap, Dynadot and so on, and then list them for sale and hope there are businesses who would be interested in acquiring them, or, check beforehand to see if it has potential to sell. 

I do not recommend on hand registering, as it's the hardest way of making money.

The best way to buy high quality domains that would have potential endusers who will be interested in them, is going to Godaddy's expiring domains auctions, or Dynadot expiring domains auctions

There, you will find a huge list of domains for sale that update daily. those domains were not renewed by their previous owners and was caught by Godaddy/Dynadot, so they send them to auction.

You can find super high quality domains in those auctions and for a good price. I bought a domain on Godaddy auctions a few months ago for $22 and sold it for $3,488 lately. Here are my recent domain sales.

Buying and Selling domains on Godaddy

Examples of domains you can buy on Godaddy's expiring auctions.

Where to sell a domain?

In order to sell domains you need to have a lot of patience, as it can take years until you find the right buyer. You can maximize your chance of selling by making your whois public, so if potential buyers check the domain's whois, they can find your email and contact you.

After that, list the domain on the SEDO marketplace, Afternic marketplace which is owned by Godaddy, and after the domains are listed there. set up a landing page using DAN, so when people visit your domain, they can make an offer or purchase it immediately. 

Buying and selling domains AKA domaining is a very fun business that can generate thousands of dollars if played right. 

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