Get Paid to Watch Movies and TV

Get Paid to watch movies and tv

A Fun Way to Make Money from Home: Watching Movies and TV

Getting paid to watch movies and TV is the dream, imagine, sitting on the couch or a chair, eating popcorn and watching movies, and then getting paid afterwards. Well, this dream has become a reality, as several companies now looking for people to do that.

Create a Youtube Channel

Create youtube channel

Love watching movies and shows? Why not make a Youtube channel about movies & shows reviews? You can create a channel and start posting videos right away, All you need to have is a phone or a computer and you're all set.

It's a long journey but it can be very lucrative. Youtubers are making a lot of money from ads and sponsorships. 



Swagbucks gives you money for watching movie trailers. It is availble to use both through a computer and a phone. There are a lot more options to choose from other than watching movies.


Netflix tagger

Netflix is looking for taggers. Taggers are the people behind the metadata, which affects everything you choose to watch. This job is for people with eyes for details. Often taggers will be watching movies and shows that aren't out yet to the public. 

This job is very hard to get, because of how big Netflix is and the amount of people wanting to be taggers. You can look at Netflix's job board to be updated on when they are looking for new taggers.

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