Get Paid to Product Test: 5 Recommended Companies

Get Paid to Test Products

Product testing is a nice way of generating additional income, Being a product tester means you are sent products from certain companies, you test them, give your honest feedback to the company and write a review, which makes it the ultimate work at home job.

You are getting paid by either keeping the products you're testing or by money. 

It can be a great side business for people who love using new products and don't mind spending the time to test them and share their experience. 

Recommended Product Testing Companies:



This company is probably one of the best out there for product testing. Just create an account and you are good to go.


This is a different kind of product testing, on this site you get to test websites and get paid for it. Is this the best job ever or what?


This company's looking for mainly cosmetics testers. very recommended.


This company is similar to UserTesting. You are testing digital products, such as apps. 


This company is mainly for women who wants to test products related to beauty and more.

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