Domains I sold on March |$4,800 Profit

Domains I sold

After writing about how to buy and sell domains and make a nice income as a side business, I've decided to share the domains I've sold on March, to show you that it's not that hard to make money selling domains, all you gotta do is find the right domain and have patience.

I have around 130 domains at the moment, quarter of them are brandable on brandable marketplaces, and the rest are what I consider high-quality domains that I spent a lot of time hand-picking and purchasing through expiring auctions, just as explained in the previous post.

Sold Domains on March, 2020

The first domain I sold on March was aCoin(org). The domain was sold on Afternic for $3,488 ($2,790.4 net). I bought the domain on Godaddy's expiring domains auctions on October 2019.

The second domain was EthExchange(com). The domain was sold on Namepros for $1,600 ($1,554 net). I bought the domain last year on a private deal for $500. 

The third domain was SEOLinkBuilding(com). The domain was sold on TheDomains's "Post your best domains for $500 or less". It was sold for $500 ($475 net), I acquired the domain for $100 almost 6 months back.

The fourth domain was Puzzles(io). The domain was sold on Namepros for $1,000 ($950 net) and was purchased for $325 on Dynadot's expiring domains auction. 

Overall, I spent $947 on the domains and I made $5,769.4. Which means I made a profit of $4,822.4. That was the best month I've ever had since starting 1.5 years ago. 

3 thoughts on “Domains I sold on March |$4,800 Profit”

  1. satyadeep singh says:

    Great job, Can you explain how to choose domain?

  2. Tory says:

    on Afternic/Sedo/Dan do you have a BuyItNow price or Make an offer?


    1. yair says:

      All set to Buy it now.

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