Best WordPress Plugins for your Website SEO and More

Best WordPress Plugins for your Website SEO and More

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Are you searching for the best WordPress plugins to add into your website? There are over 50,000 plugins on WordPress, and we are here to clean up the mess and help you to choose the most important plugins for your website.

I've managed dozens of WordPress sites and everytime I create a new site, I discover a new exciting plugin that could really help me with my site's SEO, speed, and more. So, here are the best WordPress plugins for your site. 

Yoast SEO

yoast seo wordpress plugin

SEO ( Search engine optimization ) practice is very important if you want to rank on search engines and have eyes on your site. Yoast SEO is perfect for both beginners and advanced to help them maximize their site potential. 

This plugin helps you with your on-page SEO for free, there is a paid plan but it is not needed for small sites. It helps you to add SEO titles, meta descriptions, sitemap, gives you complete review on your post/page with tips on how to improve it for both readers and Google. And many more. I've never had a site without Yoast SEO.

Insert Headers and Footers

insert headers and footers wordpress plugin

This plugin is also very important, because managing a website requires you to integrate certain tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console, in order to track your website visits, website health and ranking. 

Those tools asks you to put a code in the header or footer or your website, and it would be a difficult task if you don't know coding. This plugin simplifies it for you. all you need to do is inserting the code that was given to you in the plugin's settings and you're good to go.

Really Simple SSL

really simple ssl wordpress plugin

Sites with no SSL certificate can make your visitors exit your site without hesitation, especially if it's a shop. SSL is a MUST for every site, doesn't matter if it's not eCommerce. not only for your readers' sake, but search engines prefers sites with SSL and rank them higher in search results.

Now, this plugin does not provide you with an SSL certificate, you'll have to purchase it on your own. most hosting companies gives you a free SSL or gives you the option to buy one through them. 

What Really Simple SSL does is to redirect your HTTP site to the one with the SSL, HTTPS. it helps in preventing content duplication and if people manually type in your site url with HTTP, it'll redirect them to HTTPS.


elementor wordpress plugin

Want to customize your site to make it beautiful and unique? Elementor is the best plugin or tool that was ever created in my opinion to do so. 

All you need to do is install the plugin, go to a page or a post, click "edit with Elementor" and start designing your own website with an easy drag-and-drop features. This plugin is free, but there is a paid plan that gives you a lot more features.


wpforms wordpress plugin

WPForms is the ultimate solutions for your form needs. All websites should have a contact form so their customers or visitors will be able to contact them for information regarding a product, article, or anything related to the website.

WPForms is a great drag-and-drop plugin that simplifies everything for you, and help you customize your own contact form on WordPress.

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